Friday, 30 December 2011

Hello World!


Having experimented for some years with Facebook and Twitter, I thought it would be interesting - fun, even - to try my hand at blogging.  I often inflict my views on the world through social media, not forgetting that in my day job I lecture and publish in the more old-fashioned way. But this medium offers some other possibilities for a more discussion which is more informal than academic publication, but more considered than status updates and tweets.

I will use this blog to try out some ideas I am kicking around and get informal feedback on them.  And I will also use it intermittently to comment on books or debates that I am intrigued by.

I already follow some excellent blogs, academic and otherwise, which have inspired, entertained and occasionally annoyed me. I link to some of them here. I don't expect to hit those heights. But I hope to join in the conversation.

And I hope you will enjoy my posts!

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